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° F
Max Pressure
PSI @ 70° F
# of
VHM-A4A-0200-16-F1-F 250023016ANSI_150 $1934.45
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VHM Static Mixer Design Description


Volcrest specializes in providing a rapid real-time engineered solution to your static mixing needs. Volcrest analytics pairs the optimal static mixer to your unique mixing application. The result is an optimized system that maximizes mixing efficiency, service life, and overall system cost. Volcrest specializes in offering an engineered solution, not the basic 6 or 12 element static mixer.


VHM series static mixers are based on the industry leading helical design. VHM stainless steel static mixers are capable of operating in the most challenging mixing applications and offer the ability to efficiently mix in high to low viscosity and in turbulent to some laminar flow applications.


VHM series static mixers are stocked in ½” to 2” diameters with element configurations available from 2 to 24 static mixing elements. VHM series static mixer housings are constructed out of seamless 316 stainless steel in diameters up to 2 inches.


VHM static mixing elements are formed in 316 stainless steel ensuring a precision element fit within the static mixer housing. Static mixing elements are designed to be removable for easy cleaning and visual inspection.


VHM series static mixers are available with the industry standard male NPT threaded ends, 150 pound flange ends, and 300 pound flange ends.


For static mixer diameters greater than 2”, custom end connections, finishes, injection ports, materials or other requests please contact us for a rapid quote.


Please contact us for shipping outside of the United States.


VHM Static Mixer Design Characteristics


  • Diameter Range from ½” to 2”
  • Housing – 316 Stainless Stainless Steel
  • Elements Style – Helical
  • Elements – Formed in 316 Stainless Steel
  • Element Configurations 2 to 24 elements
  • Connections – Industry Standard, NPT, 150 lb Flanges, 300 lb Flanges


VHM Static Mixer Applications


  • Gas to Gas Dispersion
  • Ozonator Mixing
  • Oil Blending
  • Thermal Homogeneity
  • Color and Additive Blending
  • Paint Blending
  • High Viscosity Blending


VHM Static Mixer Custom Add-Ons


  • Custom End Connections
  • Reduced Ra (High Polish) Finishes
  • Bolt-on Injection Ports
  • Integrated Injection Ports
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy
  • Custom Element Finishes
  • Custom Element Coatings
  • 2″+ diameters
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis