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How can I contact Volcrest?
Email –
Phone – (877) 812-7573
Fax – (231) 292-1027
What is Volcrest’s shipping and mailing address?
Volcrest Division
Fusion Fluid, Equipment LLC
8555 Silver Creek Road
Whitehall, Michigan 49461
Where are Volcrest static mixers manufactured?
Volcrest static mixers and motionless mixers are made in Whitehall, MI USA.
How are Volcrest and Fusion Fluid Equipment, LLC associated?
Volcrest is a registered trademark of Fusion Fluid, Equipment LLC.
Why was the Volcrest brand created?
Volcrest was created to reduce the complexity involved with selecting and purchasing a motionless or static mixer. Our mission is to make your life easier by providing a priced, validated static mixing solution for your in-line mixing and blending needs.
How quickly can I receive my static mixer?
Volcrest stocks standard static mixers. Most static mixers ship within 24 hours.
How do I request a static mixer quote?
Volcrest’s static mixer selection engine provides real time quotes, performance data, sales drawings, and the ability to purchase static mixers.
If you need assistance selecting a static mixer, need a custom static mixer, or just want to talk about blending and mixing, please email us at or call our offices at (877) 812-7573.
How does the Volcrest Static Mixer Analytic Engine Work?
Our analytic engine provides a rapid real-time engineered solution to your static mixing needs. Volcrest analytics pairs the optimal static mixer for your unique mixing application. This pairing is accomplished by running selection algorithms on our custom servers. These servers are capable of calculating millions of solutions per minute which result in an optimized static mixing system that maximizes mixing efficiency, service life, and overall system cost. If further mixing and blending validation is required, a computational fluid dynamic model can be purchased.
What types of static mixer applications do you specialize in?
Volcrest designs, engineers, and manufactures static mixers for gas-liquid dispersion, liquid-liquid dispersion, solid-liquid blending, in-line blending, multi-line blending, and general blending and mixing. All other mixing needs can be assessed by contacting Fusion Fluid Equipment LLC.
Which industries utilize static mixers?
Volcrest static mixers are utilized in an array of industries, such as thermal homogenization, injection molding, color blending, wastewater neutralization, PH control, heat exchanger, food mixing, food blending, epoxy blending, urethane blending, plastic pellet mixing, fuel oil blending, solvent dilution, pipeline reaction, yogurt blending, catalyst additions, dye blending, ozone mixing, odor reduction, hydroponic operations, pulp manufacturing, biofuel, and desalination.
Do you have engineering, design and R&D capabilities?
We maintain a full service engineering, design, and manufacturing facility. We specialize in mathematical modeling, CAD design and physical testing. We incorporate state of the art computational fluid dynamic analysis as well as physical testing. Our goal is to ensure your mixing and blending system will function as designed.
What are your manufacturing capabilities?
We are a full-service manufacturer of industrial equipment. Our capabilities include 3D modeling, CNC machining, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, mechanical forming, MIG and TIG welding, alloy casting, electropolishing, polishing, passivation, and coating.
Do you manufacture controls for your mixers?
We can supply simple, stand-alone panels or automated PLC controlled systems.
How do I become a Volcrest Representative?
We offer excellent commissions, fast quotes, and engineering support with no contracts required. Please contact us for more info at or call (877) 812-7573.